How to Use Social Media
This time is known as the digital world where almost everyone is connected to each other through digital means. Where, the most common is social media. This is among the most frequent activities of internet. Although, there are so many digital and internet tools to connect socially but there are a few sites those are aimed to get socialised. Most popular sites are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and many more. These are the mediums those are playing a vital role in a lot of activities of so many people, institutes, organizations, groups and communities.

Today, this content is aimed to discuss the use of social media in Education that how institutes, teachers, alumni and students can use this tool to get the real goal of education. The actual goal of education is to explore the intelligence of individual with building a strong character. Internet and social media are playing an important role to provide education at the door step of every student with maximum possible ease. So these are some recommended ways to explore more benefits of social media in your campus;

Share Relevant Content:Almost of us are connected with our alumni to be upstaged about current and future activities at our campus. And our Alumni have their pages on almost sites of social media. So a post on one site that can be effective for student and other staff can be share on other site. As a popular Tweet sharing on Facebook that can be a photo, an important message by head of department or something more special like scholarship offers. Sometimes students make a social media page for a particular subject to update all classmates about the subject relevant activities. Teachers’ active participation on these pages can develop a better understanding among student and teacher. That will help him to know the learning pattern and student expectations from him/her. This active participation can be of sharing his routine posts, his experiences or a picture to create fun. It does not mean to share all of your social media posts with students or alumni but the relevant and appropriate content.

Communicate Relevant Practical Examples of TheoriesThere is a concept that almost theories are not applicable in practical life. That is really not true same as the statement of ‘first impression is the last impression’. So eliminate this myth by sharing the examples of theory implications in routine life on social media. This can be a video, photo, quote, a lecture, handouts, or interview of a successful entrepreneur or any other professional. Sharing such content on social page of Alumni will encourage the students and increase their loyalty towards institute. A story of previous student of Alumni who is successful in his professional career can play a role of word of mouth to increase the level of student motivation.

A badge of motivated students is keen to learn more than a badge of students with high intellectual. Social media has reduced the gap between all those parties who were reluctant to openly communicate with each other in past. Same as between institutes, teachers and students so an active participation on both ends is progressive. Students can share their ideas with alumni to increase the level of understanding about theories in classroom by adopting different ways of teaching. Research surveys are easily conducted over social sites with a good number of sample sizes that has increase the research reliability. Relevant articles, reports of institutes about the same topic that was discussed in classroom can be shared by both teacher and student. It will let both parties know about each other dedication towards learning.

Recommend Social Sites on Your Alumni Page:All college students are looking for job to start their professional career by moving at good place with a good package. For this purpose there are a lot of social sites for networking with professionals and to find the appropriate job placement. LinkedIn and are among the most popular social networking plus job finding social sites. Every day there is a new technology; new sites are developing to help students and professionals interactions. These sites, apps can be recommended to students, fellows on the alumni page.

Create a Social Campus:Sometimes it becomes difficult for students to get all information on campus site and because of a lot of queries it becomes difficult for admission staff to reply all of them. So don’t get panic and visit social pages of relevant campus to find information and you may ask from not only university staff but also from their existing students. Almost 75% of students are looking on social sites to find information about admission and other important events at campus. This phenomenon has created the concept of social campus. That is created by both the campus staff and students. So, all departments of an institute can work under the same social media policy to interact with students. It will boost the performance and satisfaction of customer support services via these social campus concepts.

Appreciate Other:Using social media for education and interaction between campus alumni is not new. You will find so many institutes those using it more efficiently than so many others. So if you find someone who is using it in a different way with more productive approach then appreciate them. You need to use those techniques on social pages of your alumni. Sometimes you just see an idea that can create a brilliant way to increase the valuable interaction between alumni members on social media. Encourage the idea generator by sharing their posts, success on your social pages. This is an appreciation and again the base for reducing the communication gaps. This is a way to use social media as a strategic fly to make a social campus for your institutes. Almost everything has pros and cons it’s our mind that defines which one be used. Sometimes there are hints to develop a positive activity so this is the time to use social media for study purpose at your campus.

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How to Get Rid of Plagiarism
Plagiarism is a very serious matter. When you are going to write a dissertation then you should be very careful about the plagiarism. If you write your dissertation with plagiarism then it may affect your degree. The simple definition of plagiarism is that you steal ideas or writing of someone else. If you don’t know how to avoid from plagiarism in writing the dissertation, then this article is very important for you. In this article, we will tell you some tips to avoid from plagiarism in writing the dissertation. These tips are given below;

When you are going to write the dissertation then you will try to get information from the different sources. If you write the information as it is then this is a plagiarism. If you find some important information and you feel that this information is necessary to write in your dissertation then it is necessary for you to read it carefully. After reading it carefully it is also necessary for you to write it in your own words. In this process, you should try not to use more than two words in a row from the source material. If you write more than two words together than this thing also come into plagiarism. If you are going to write more than two words in a row from the source material then, it is necessary for you to use quotation marks.

Quoting is also an important way to save you from the plagiarism that can be done by hiring UK dissertation writing services. If you found important information from a source and you feel that this information is necessary to write in your dissertation then the simplest way to use it is that you should write it in the quotation marks. In this regard, you should also see the guidelines from your university. Your university will tell you the maximum length of the quoting words.

Citing quotes and your own material
When you are going to cite quotes in your dissertation then it is different from the paraphrased material. In this regard, we will need to add an additional page number. On the other hand, if you are going to add your own work that is already used by someone else then, it is also necessary for you to treat it like the paraphrase material. If you write your own work as it is then this thing will also considered as plagiarism.

To provide the references from where you have collected the data for your dissertation is also an important thing. This thing will save you from the plagiarism. When you are going to write sources in the references section of your dissertation then it means that you are acknowledging that these sources you have used to collect the data for your dissertation. In this way, you will be saved from the plagiarism. Moreover, this page must meet the document formatting guidelines. These are the important things that you should keep in mind to save yourself from the plagiarism.