Textiles and Clothing is the study of manufacture, marketing and footwear. The main characteristic of the human is the wearing of clothes in different ways. Studying about textile and clothes gives information about printing, pattern making, sewing and washing.
Most students, who are related to the field of textile and clothing, have to find different topics for writing a dissertation. Having a good research topic about textile improves the opportunities to get more knowledge about this field. 
In this post, we will discuss research topics in textiles and clothing.
Increasing an Alternate Technology for Real-Time Manufacture Tracking 
As we know that RFID is being used in the clothes industry for a long time, so, conducting deep research about Barcode and tough button technology will be a better choice of all the students. They can use hardware and much another power system for making progress in the textile field. 
Impact of Manufacturing in The Apparel Industry 
Discussing lean manufacturing can grab the attention of the readers, so students should make a deep research about that topic. Indeed, they need to research what are the implements of the manufacturing in the garment industry. Most students have chosen the lean research project, but they leave it uncompleted due to its complexity and toughness.
But, you need to research about lean tools and its real improvement in the field of manufacturing. Making deep research about that topic can show you good results and you can get good grades in the jury. If you are interested in the learn research project and want to get more information, you can contact with dissertation writing service.
Research On Production Planning and Control Tools For The Garment Factories 
In the textile field and in the engineering department, it is difficult to understand the process of production. Having industrial information by conducting deep research can improve your intellectual level. You can research how to maximize different products and what are the easy tools that people adopt for making clothes.
You can discuss their control and planning, although, production and making clothes is most important planning in the garment industry, yet, you need to get complete details about its planning and ending. In your research work, you can write about these developing tools.
The Use of Latest Smartphone In The Pre-Production And Clothes Making
Yes, you will astonish about getting the knowledge that how advanced technology is playing an important role in the textile and clothing. You need to discuss and discover all the method of using and pre-production. Though, you have information that people are getting awareness through the use of internet. For example, if new design of clothes comes in the market, we can see it’s by ads on Mobiles. So, conduct a deep research of emailing systems and physical reporting system.
Even though, the use of technology has changed the ways of clothes making, yet, you need to research on its range in the textile industry. Getting information about the limitations of the technology and putting them into your research project will increase your grades as well as chances to improve your intellectual level. So, try to focus on a unique topic and you should add basic information in it. 
Automation in Sewing Department And Ways Of Moving Clothes Industry 
Hundreds of automation are being done with the help of automation and the sewing processes are also continuing. So, you can select the automation system as you unique topic and gain write a lot of information about the future of automation. 
Yes, the future of automation is most common question and people want to get knowledge about it, so write about it and improve the chances of getting grades. Writing the numbering of the sewing department is beneficial point, so don’t forget to write it in your research dissertation.
Feasibility For Small-Size Apparel Manufacturers 
Often teachers suggest to their students to make a beginning an e-commerce business, because, conducting about physical structure of the things is very easy. If you want to gain experience in this field, so you should get internship with entrepreneurs. There are hundreds of traders who want to sell their apparel products for the students. So, make research and give them different strategies about the growing their garments business and what will be the success rate. 

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