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Essays are good learning tools. They teach the writer a lot of things. Every essay needs valuable content and enough of it to last you in the entire essay. An essay that does not have value content and that is just put together to waste the reader’s time by dragging the topic and by fillers does not get marks. Writing essays for University is more challenging as the nature of essays change. You need to write on more complex topics and that requires a lot of research to get content and to make a point in your custom essay writing so you need to hire essay writing services. Once you are familiar with how many parts there will be in the essay and the topic, next thing is to write the essay and for that research is important. Below are the different ways of research the writers use in order to write an essay worthy of full marks:

  • Begin with brainstorming: First and the most useful strategy to start the research for writing custom essay is to find out how much do you already know about the topic. It isn’t necessary that you know a lot about it. Like if you are supposed to write an essay on the increasing influence of robots and their use, and you know only as little as the names of few robots, write them down. You really need to brainstorm and write down whatever silly ideas you have about the topic. This will help you understand where to start the research.
  • Research online: These days the most favorite strategy to research for writing custom essay is looking up anything online first. You can use this strategy effectively only if you know how to search online. Instead of typing the whole chapter headline, use keywords to find more relevant results and content. If you do not want Google to break the phrase and you want to search the whole phrase as it is, write it in quotes. You should also be able to rewrite and summarize anything in your own words or you will be getting a zero for plagiarism.
  • Research in course books: Whatever the essay you are supposed to write, always look in the books first. Perhaps your teacher wants to check you whether you read the books or not. Always pick up the books and skim through to find the topic within the book.
  • Lecture notes: You have no idea if your professor gave you a topic for your essay right out of what was once discussed in a lecture. Go through the slides of the lecture and scribbles of the lecture you wrote during the lecture.

When you are researching online, always save the content and bookmark it in the browser and note down the website on a notepad. This will help you to write best content to get best marks in essays. If you are researching through books, do highlight the important content, use bookmarks and sticky notes to mark the important areas in the book that can be used in the custom essay writing.

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