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In student life, the most difficult section of maths book was algebra. A lot of formulas, equations, and the unknown value of ‘x’ make us hate algebra. But now algebra must not be a problem for students because now they have the biggest solution to all problems that is advanced technology. You can find millions of apps, videos, and tools that can help students to learn and solve difficult algebra questions. All the solutions are now at the fingertips of students. Today experts of a dissertation writing service will provide you with a review of the top android apps that are very useful in learning algebra.

Wolfram Alpha:
Wolfram Alpha app is an awesome algebra learning and problem-solving app. it not only provides the solution to the students’ algebra-related questions but also shows step by step solution that makes it easy for a student to understand the solution. This app provides the solution for all types of algebra questions including college algebra. It is available for both Android and iPhone, but it is a paid app.

The Fun Way to Learn Algebra:
Like the name of the app The Fun Way to Learn Algebra, algebra learning can become fun for you by using the app. This app helps students to learn algebra through video demonstration. The videos show step-by-step solutions for questions, which make it easy for students, especially; for visual learners to easily learn algebra. It has both free and pro versions and is available for both Android and iPhone.

Math with Your Friends:
Sometimes you just need a company for practicing math problems. But practicing on your notebook is no fun. Math with your friend is an app that adds fun to math practice. It is an educational versatile game. It has four options. You can play alone, or you can play with your teacher, or a friend, or any random person who is online and using the app. you can play with tiles that show numbers and symbols (+, -,/, *, and +), rather than letters. What’s more, rather than shaping words, you need to make mathematical equations utilizing the tiles and afterward, score focuses. Math with Your Friends has an implicit visit. You can likewise acquire coins and get things bothered up utilizing the Challenger mode. It’s an extraordinary ice-breaker game that will in any case instruct you to get more acquainted with algebraic equations.

Graphing Calculator:
This is the most favorite and popular app among STEM students. It is just one calculator that can solve all types of your Maths questions. It’s effectively a standout amongst other algebra applications, particularly for STEM students. Other than having a general calculator application, it additionally accompanies a solver for algebraic, quadratic, 2-variable direct, and polynomial equations. It can also solve Sin, Cos, Ln, E, and similar equations. You can make 2d charts, measurement records, and lattices too. It has a very user-friendly interface. Graphing calculator is not difficult to use and is extremely advantageous for college students. It certainly has a great deal to bring to the table than the physical, graphical calculators. It has both free and pro versions and is available for both Android and iPhones.

Like Quora, Brainly is a platform where anyone can ask Maths questions and get an answer from anyone. There are many certified experts and specialists about the subject who can answer your queries. In Brainly, you can hope to find speedy solutions. With 200 million individuals on the site, you can get some information about anything, not simply algebraic equations—you can get some information about History, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Philosophy, and surprisingly those things that keep you up around evening time. On this application, the student can even turn into an expert. You can help your junior students with their schoolwork by giving them answers. What’s more, you will not do it for anything—you will procure focuses en route. Brainly is free, however, if you need a greater amount of the great stuff, you can buy into Brainly Plus.

This app provides learning material and solutions to all problems related to basic algebraic concepts, algebraic expressions, theorems, algebraic functions, quadratic, absolute, square root, and linear functions. Any student from high school to college can use this app. it has both free and pro versions for android and iPhone.


Socratic is currently the hottest and popular app among students. It is powered by Google Artificial Intelligence which uses text and speech recognition. It provides videos, recordings, visual exercises, and images for algebra, trigonometry, calculus, geometry, biology, physics, chemistry, poetry, literature, and many more.

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